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Fluid should be a clear reddish colour, if not have it checked soon. New fluid reduces heat in the transmission and keeps all parts lubricated properly.
Tire Pressure

Why this is important

The most frequent cause of tire failure is under-inflation. Even extreme under-inflation can be difficult to detect by mere visual inspection - don't depend on it, use a personal tire pressure gauge. Under-inflated or overloaded tires generate high levels of destructive, internal heat, which could cause your tires to blow out. Extreme under-inflation can even unseat the tire from the rim while your vehicle is in motion.

When to have this done
Check tire pressures at least twice a month -- especially after sudden temperature changes. Tire inflation pressure drops 1psi for every 5.5C drop in outside temperature. Check inflation when tires are COLD: when the vehicle has been driven less than 2km.

Tire rotation is recommended every 10,000 km*
Generally, front tires wear at a different rate than rear tires. Rotating the tires front to back or as indicated by manufacturer ensures that all four tires wear evenly, extending their life.

Did you know?

The thermostat regulates engine temperature. A faulty thermostat can result in low heat or overheating, poor fuel economy, a knock or ping sound when accelerating, and low temperature readings. It can even cause a vehicle to fail an emissions test.

Did you also know?

Engine coolant not only cools your vehicle by transferring heat from the engine to the radiator - it also warms the vehicle by transferring heat to the passenger compartment. In addition, engine coolant lubricates the water pump and protects the cooling system from corrosion.
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This service includes cleaning, adjusting and/or lubricating your front and rear brake hardware to maximize the life of brake friction material,and should be completed every 20,000 km or once a year.
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Includes: Lube Oil And Filter up to 4 Liters of  standard oil
Specialty Oils Extra Charge

Checking Of All Brakes With Tires Off,Tire Rotation If Needed, Checking All Belts Hoses,Wipers,Washers,Radiator,Coolant Level And strength ,Transmission Fluid Level , Brake And Fuel Lines,And All lights

Save $ 15.00
Standard Drain and Fill
Includes: Checking All Hoses, Condition Of Radiator, Pressure Test System For Leaks, Including Radiator Cap,Coolant test for freezing point, Draining And Refilling With Factory Spec Coolant.

On rim 
swap summers for winters
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Balance front tires
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